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Bespoke Die Cut Tapes

At BDK, there are a wide range of adhesive coated and non-adhesive coated materials. We create a range of bespoke cut adhesive tapes from rolls or sheets of these materials.

A wide range of materials calls for a wide range of manufacturing capabilities. For this reason, BDK offer a wide range of cutting services, including laser cutting and flat bed cutting. Similarly, but importantly, we also operate a high-quality rotary die cutting service. Our custom adhesive tape die cutting services can be moulded to any product development process. Therefore, manufacturing is available for all kinds of adhesive components. Some of these include: single or double sided tape, transfer, foam or film tape, and non-woven and filmic materials.

Rotary die cutting provides our clients with access to a number of benefits. Some of the benefits you can gain from rotary die cutting include: reducing the amount of waste that is produced, speeding up the assembly process, optimising the manufacturing process and improving the custom adhesive tape quality.

Product Development and Support

Our experienced team has the ability to convert our range of adhesive tapes and materials into die cut and laser cut components. We are able to combine a number of processes to meet the requirements of any industry. Our expertise, gained through years of experience, helps to ensure we understand the most complex projects.

We will provide support at the start of every project through to completion, so we can advise you at whatever product development stage necessary. We can advise you which cutting method would best suit your application and ensure that we find the best solution for you.

Custom Laser and Die Cut Tape

By utilising our adhesive die cutting services, you can create completely bespoke bonding products tailored to your individual requirements. Whether you need a specific width, length or shape, or particular holes or lines, our rotary die cutting facilities can produce the individual components or roll units that you desire. Rotary die cutting uses cylindrical rotary dies, engraved with your chosen design, and a rotary press in order to achieve repeated accuracy and precision.

If you demand higher production volumes or complex constructions with different materials, rotary die cutting is the recommended method of manufacturing. We supply many different industries utilising this technology due to the consistency, accuracy and uniformity of rotary die cut shapes. Whether you need die cut double-sided adhesive tape or double-sided adhesive rings, every product will be high quality when using our custom adhesive tape die cutting services.

In addition to die cutting, we also offer laser cutting, which produces the same precise specifications every time. Laser cutting uses a highly powerful laser to meticulously cut shapes along a designated path; this method can be used on single layer or multilayer material. Laser cutting is also more suitable for small volumes of production, as well as more intricate designs. With no need for tooling, this method is less time-consuming and expensive without compromising the quality of the products.

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