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Point of Sale, Signage and Print Adhesives

Marketing strategies use all kinds of platforms nowadays: online, social media, tv and radio, and no one can forget the traditional method of print advertising. The competition between similar businesses is increasing and becoming extremely fast-paced in today’s world, so it is important to build awareness and drive sales where you can.

Point of sale (POS) and signage are proven techniques to gain consumer attention, whilst offering the ability to update, change and transport them when necessary. Ease of application and removal is consequently vital which is where your choice of adhesive is significant. At BDK, we understand the adhesive qualities the signage and POS markets demand, so we can guarantee that you will receive the best solution for your needs.

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Whatever application you choose for your marketing needs, no matter how much they vary, they all want to achieve the same impact on consumers. The adhesive qualities they require may differ, but they still need one that they can rely on. We understand how important your strategy is to your business, so we always apply our years of industry knowledge and ensure that we find the right bonding technique for you.

Maximise both your brand impact and your margins with our range of high performance, low cost adhesive materials, available for rapid delivery from stock.

POS, Signage & Print Adhesive Innovations

Why create an advertorial display and make it as eye-catching as possible, to then use traditional mechanical attachment methods which runs the risk of damaging the aesthetics? By switching to adhesives instead, you can create invisible bonds which are just as strong and durable as nails and screws, but will not have a detrimental effect on your finish. Double-sided sign tape is specifically designed to fix marketing displays due to its high strength bonding to a wide range of materials, its ability to be easily removed.

In addition to sign tape, we also provide Signmakers tape, Foamex tape and bonding acrylic which all deliver reliable solutions for POS, signage and print needs. These alternative bonding techniques are more practical and efficient than the conventional fixings for many reasons. Whether it’s an interior or exterior display, our adhesives offer ultra-high performing adhesion to a variety of materials, weather and temperature resistant properties and UV stability. Whatever your requirements may be, we guarantee that we can find the perfect solution for you

Another benefit for choosing reliable adhesives over traditional mechanical fastenings is faster assembly. Tapes are quicker and easier to apply whilst providing a smooth, aesthetically pleasing finish; this means that your production time can ultimately be decreased. This increased efficiency will help you achieve a cost-effective production process whilst benefitting from enhanced performance and longevity.

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