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BDK Manufacture Medicated Wound Care Dressings

Wound healing is a complex process which requires a suitable environment to promote the healing action; medicated dressings offer the prospect of faster wound healing.

Our ISO 13485 Medical Device scope includes the manufacture of medicated wound dressings. Renowned for our outstanding quality and robust quality management system, get in touch with us to find out more.

Medicated Wound Dressing Manufacturer

Historically dependant on traditional saturation techniques, BDK`s process offers a highly accurate solution for manufacturing medicated dressings working to extremely high levels of precision and quality.

Our technology efficiently applies an exact measurement of medicated substances to a substrate, before being cut to size, pouched, or packed into a bespoke format. We then send the product for sterilisation, if required.

Advanced Wound Care Dressings

Dedicated to innovation, we strive to consistently investigate other medications to improve outcomes in wound care. We are committed to developing bespoke solutions for our customers using our extensive capabilities.

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