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Mil Spec Tape for Military and Defence Applications

You can find many of our adhesives and bonding components in your everyday lives. However, they also play an important role within the military and defence industry. We’re proud to supply Tape for Military and Defence Applications which can be used in a variety of military operations.

We understand that these safety critical and harsh environment applications require the world’s highest performing tapes and films for assembly needs.

As a result, BDK provide a wide range of bonding materials that are ideally suited to this industry. We can supply tailor-made adhesive solutions to ensure successful military operations. Altogether aiding construction of new machinery and equipment or tracking weapons and vehicles.

Taking On Any Challenge

With our combined knowledge and expertise, we can help with any challenge that is presented to us. We are highly qualified in the military and defence industry and understand the importance of reliable adhesive solutions for all applications. We can help you build better devices with innovative design which keeps up with the constantly changing technology trends and military demands.

BDK understands that every application is different and will require different bonding properties, but reliability runs as a consistent requirement for every piece of equipment. Whether it’s within the naval forces, RAF equipment, military vehicles and weapons, or MoD technology, we have an adhesive solution for you.

Military Grade Tapes for Military Operations

Strict military specifications and performance requirements are always taken into consideration when offering adhesive advice. Capabilities such as mechanical, electrical, thermal and corrosive resistance are essential for smooth operation in all military environments like ground-based, inflight and naval. Lens bonding is also critical for optical equipment utilised in the military; rapidly curing, optically clear adhesives are the most suitable for lens bonding. Glass and synthetic lenses call for low shrinkage to prevent stress on the material, consequently creating high quality, military specification products.

A method we use at BDK to ensure that our adhesives are suitable for the military and defence industry is to undertake rigorous testing. Our reputation is supported by our robust quality management system and we are proud of the attention to detail we give to every component. We understand the mission-critical importance of military and defence industrial adhesives and always make sure that we store our bonding components carefully to maintain quality and safe application.

It is a necessity to have confidence and reliability in your chosen adhesives, especially for strict and serious applications within this industry. By undertaking services in the most demanding environments and conditions, it is incredibly important to have equipment that you can rely on. The ability to withstand exposure to extreme temperature and weather conditions, as well as vibration and shock, are significant qualities the military and defence industry needs. With the variety of industries we serve, we are able to address military requirements for the multitude of applications they rely on; every bonding component we supply is designed and manufactured to perform in every situation without fail.

Call us today to discuss adhesives for the military and defence industry and find out how we can help you drive your innovations forward.

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