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general industrial adhesives

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General Industrial & Engineering Adhesives

Numerous general industrial and consumer applications require long-lasting, durable adhesives that facilitates the production of high quality components. Traditional mechanical fixings are being switched for alternative bonding techniques. This is as a result of a number of benefits, for the product itself as well as the manufacturing process.

The demand for lightweight equipment is increasing. As a result, choosing alternative bonding components is now even more vital during consideration in a the design stage.

Adhesives, sealants and functional coatings are becoming first choice for many workers and engineers. Therefore, it is vital that industrial adhesives are designed and tailored to varying applications. At BDK, our extensive industry knowhow gives us the advantage over competitors and the ability to develop bespoke solutions for you. We combine innovation with expertise to create ultra-high performing adhesives for today’s engineering needs.

Facing Any Industrial Adhesive Challenge

Solve your real-world assembly challenges with our wide range of adhesives and extensive industry knowledge. You can rely on both our expertise and innovative design when it comes to bonding solutions; by supporting every client from the beginning of their application, we can collaborate and provide tailor-made adhesives.

BDK can deliver more than just alternative bonding techniques, we can help drive process efficiencies, cost reductions and performance improvements across your production line.

VHB Tapes, Thermoplastic Tapes & More

Unlike common mechanical fastening techniques, adhesives such as VHB tapes and thin bonding tapes present more opportunities for design flexibility. Adhesive bonding is one of the most efficient joining methods and the wide range of components on offer all display unique capabilities which can be tailored to your choice of material.

There are no longer limitations when it comes to bonding materials together; it is now possible to assemble dissimilar materials without uneven stress distribution. So, whether you want to bond plastic, metal, glass or steel, or achieve watertight joints with a low surface energy (LSE) thermoplastic or composite material, you now have the means to do this.

As well as the added flexibility to design, you also have the means to improve the aesthetics of your industrial and engineering equipment by choosing to bond instead of fasten. Greater aesthetic capabilities are achievable when bonding plastic and bonding metal, on top of providing strength and durability. By utilising masking tapes, protection film and sealants, you can not only protect your component, but ensure a clean and accurate finish whilst enhancing the appearance.

Other benefits of using adhesives include improved performance and increased productivity. In addition to providing lightweight but durable bonds, engineering adhesive solutions can also offer corrosion protection and vibration dampening. Over time, these qualities will have a long-lasting impact on the products and essentially make them more reliable and increase longevity. Improved performance is also recognised in the production process due to the ease of use with adhesive alternatives; essentially, production times can be decreased and efficiency can be improved.

No challenge is too big or small for us, so call us today to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to help and advise you.

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