Tapes & Adhesives

Working with leading global adhesive companies to provide alternatives to mechanical fixings

BDK’s distribution division enables companies and individuals covering all industry sectors to purchase the best available adhesive technologies in the world. Applications vary and our clients rely on our expertise to enable them to make the best decision on adhesive products to aid their own product or manufacturing process.

Applications vary from point of sale materials to specialist vehicles manufactures to bespoke refrigeration manufacturers to LED companies. Our solutions enable our clients to move away from traditional fixings and save money along with faster manufacturing.

BDK are able to offer specialist adhesive tapes, including electrically conductive, EMI shielding, thermally conductive, ultra-thin and optically clear materials.

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Double Sided Tapes
Create lasting invisible bonds between virtually any two substrates with our extensive range of double sided materials
Adhesive Transfer Tapes
Check out our range of high performance single- lined, double-lined, extended-liner, and fibre or scrim reinforced adhesive transfer tapes
Single Sided Tapes
Whether you need a high performance masking tape, anti- slip materials, warning tapes, surface protection materials, insulation tapes or foils, we stock a wide range of single sided materials for rapid delivery
Re-closable Fastenings
Take away the need for drilling through materials and replace unsightly mechanical fixings with our range of ultra-high performance re-closable fastenings
Foam Tapes
Available with adhesive on one or both sides and in a variety of thicknesses and constructions, we can help you select the best foam for your application
Very High Bonding Tapes
We offer the full range of incredibly high performing VHBs from 3M. Talk to us about your application and we can help you select a product that best suits your application.
Abrasives, Cleaners & Primers
Ensure maximum bond performance with our range of leading abrasives, cleaners and primer products
Specialist Products
Whether you’re looking for low outgassing products, sound and vibration control materials or solvent, UV or heat resistance, we have the right product for you
Adhesives & Sealants
We offer a huge range of liquid products, from simple, effective sealants to incredibly high performing structural adhesive systems.