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Custom Die Cut Tape and Adhesive Tape Suppliers

Working with leading global adhesive companies to provide alternatives to mechanical fixings.

BDK’s distribution division enables companies and individuals covering many industry sectors to purchase the best available tapes & adhesives on the market. Applications vary and our clients rely on our expertise to enable them to make the best decision on adhesive products. As a result of our input, clients receive enhanced aid during product development or manufacturing processes.

Applications vary from point of sale materials and specialist automotive adhesives to custom die cut tapes and healthcare adhesives. As a result of our versatility, our clients can move away from traditional fixings, resulting in improved production efficiency. In turn, we’ll also help you drive down overall development costs.

BDK are also able to offer specialist industrial adhesive tapes, including electrically conductive, EMI shielding, thermally conductive, ultra-thin and optically clear materials. Furthermore, we ask that you call us for further information on any of our tapes and adhesive solutions.

Manufactured Tapes & Adhesives


Adhesive Transfer Tapes
Reliable Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Transfer Tapes As a leading convertor of adhesive coated and flexible materials, BDK offer high performance adhesive transfer tapes, with...
High Performance Tapes
VHB Tape and High Performance Adhesive Tapes High performance tapes refer to bonding solutions that provide longer term adhesion, extreme temperature performance and corrosion...
Single and Double Sided Tapes
Single & Double Sided Tape Manufacturers Single and double sided tapes are incredibly versatile and used in everyday life. No matter whether it’s for...
Specialist Adhesives
Epoxy & Heat Activated Adhesives Epoxy adhesives are one of the most popular specialist, structural adhesives and are available in either one or two...
Structural Adhesives
Strong, High Bonding Adhesives Structural adhesives have the ability to support structural components under a combination of stresses over an extended period of time....
Tape Glossary
Commonly used terminology in the adhesive tape industry Here is a list of common used terminology and adhesive tape types in the adhesive tape...