Medical Devices

Image showing a wearable adhesive and glucometer. Two examples of medical devices.

We lead the way with medical devices & adhesive tape conversions.

BDK is an innovative, technical and highly experienced medical device manufacturer. We are a confidential partner to many leading healthcare organisations, offering an end-to-end medical device manufacturing service.

Over the years, the healthcare industry has relied heavily on technology for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illness or disease. The multitude of medical devices and general equipment is not only increasing in number but also decreasing in physical size, so adhesive requirements need to be more accurate than ever.

Some Medical Devices Being Manufactured at BDK

At BDK, we provide complete project management encompassing everything from prototyping, volume manufacture, pouching and regulatory support. You can read about our manufacturing capabilities or see some of the medical devices and components we manufacture below.

Medicated Dressings
BDK Manufacture Medicated Wound Care Dressings Wound healing is a complex process which requires a suitable environment to promote the healing action; medicated dressings offer...
Medical Adhesive Tape
BDK – Manufacturing 3M Medical Tape Conversions At BDK, we are highly experienced in the world of medical tape conversions and partner with 3M...
Advanced Wound Care
BDK Manufacture Advanced Wound Care Dressings In the healthcare industry, the choice of wound care products is vital. They must make patients feel as...
Medical Device Components
Medical Diagnostic Device Components Nowadays, there are many different medical diagnostic devices that enable users to monitor and collate information regarding their health. Equipment...
Wearable Medical Devices
Manufactured Components for Wearable Medical Devices The emerging technology of wearable medical devices has enabled individuals to easily monitor certain vital signs during their...