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Healthcare and technology go hand in hand. They are both constantly evolving to adhere to consumer demands and health requirements. Wearable adhesive technology is one of the many advancements in healthcare that is aiding patients with issues such as diabetes and heart problems.

Equipment like medical sensors, biosignal devices, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and heart rate wearable adhesives are worn. Each individual product typically collates health-related tracking information.

The choice of wearable adhesives – both device and material – is important. When ensuring both durability and comfort, it is equally important to remember the device will be attached to a patient. At BDK, we are a highly experienced medical adhesive convertor and are able to offer a number of innovative solutions.

Our Adhesives Could Aid Your Product Development

At BDK, we provide support for each client at the beginning of their application so we can advise you no matter what product development stage you find yourself at. Our wide supply of adhesives means we can find both skin-friendly materials, as well as components for the internal and external construction of the device.

Attachment of long-term wear monitoring systems and skin-mounted devices are ideally suited to our skills and capabilities. We deliver innovative, cost-effective and lightweight bonding solutions to the connected world.

With many years of experience, BDK are leading the way in medical adhesive conversions, with the expertise to understand everything about skin. We recognise the challenges of skin being a substrate and take them into consideration when providing bespoke adhesive solutions for medical wearable technology.

Wearable Adhesives -
Continuous Monitoring and Protection

As skin is a living organ, it is constantly changing and it’s condition is different for everyone; it breathes, sweats, stretches and ages, as well as retaining the ability to regularly absorb and expel moisture. Therefore, adhesive components need to be skin-friendly and adaptable to its everchanging state in order for wearable monitors and attachments to enable long-term wear.

Long-term wear also requires tensile strength which you can gain from layer-to-layer adhesion. Layer bonding of various materials allows the strength values from each substrate to reinforce each other when interlayer stresses occur and, ultimately, increase longevity. Wearable layers also need to be sealed in order to benefit from ingress protection; this is where electrical technology is protected from air, moisture and dirt. An effective shield like this can prevent the wearable from being damaged and therefore have a longer life.

A typical continuous glucose monitoring device is an example of a wearable device that requires long-term wear. This technology has three separate parts: a sensor that measures your glucose; a transmitter that is attached to the sensor which collates data and sends it to the third part, the display device. The sensor is held by an adhesive patch and is usually changed weekly, so it is important that the adhesive includes qualities like ultra-high bonding so it can last for this long period of time.

Contact us today to discuss your wearable technology requirements and we will use our knowledge and expertise to find the ideal solution for you.

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