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Today’s automotive adhesives are constantly evolving. This is not only to meet our ever-changing needs, but also to address environmental challenges. A number of industries and individuals rely on various modes of transportation. Modes of transport that may include: commercial transport and emergency vehicles, cargo trailers, cars or motorbikes. Therefore, it is highly important that the design, development and maintenance processes of these vehicles are reliable and sustainable.

BDK have extensive experience in the automotive and transport sectors. As a result, we’re able to provide a wide range of suitable automotive adhesives tailored to your application. Whether you are a car manufacturer, auto body specialist or engineer, our automotive tapes and adhesives improve efficiency within every automotive industry manufacturing process.

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Future-Proofing with Automotive Adhesives

At BDK, we are highly qualified and knowledgeable about the automotive industry and understand every detail of auto design, manufacture and maintenance. Whether its haulage transportation or specialist racing vehicles, trailers or trains, we can advise you on the best adhesives for your application.

Future-proof your automotive range by investing in lightweighting solutions, noise and vibration control components, durable interior and exterior materials and aesthetic improvements. With our help, both your manufacturing process and your vehicles can run more efficiently, cost-effectively and sustainably by using high quality, innovative bonding solutions.

Strong Performance Tapes and Adhesives

Strong performing adhesives are required for both internal and external structural designs. High quality tapes and structural adhesives are essential in order to build exterior features such as: bumpers, side view mirrors, door handles, sun roofs, window frames, etc. These external elements commonly use a multi-material sandwich construction so the adhesive components used need to be as durable as the materials themselves, as well as providing a lightweight finish.

Applying lightweight tapes and adhesives to your automotive products will reduce vehicle mass compared to using traditional mechanisms like screws, bolts and welds. This will drastically improve fuel efficiency whilst still providing long term durability. We supply variations of Very High Bonding (VHB) tape and adhesives, including 3M VHB, which is the ideal alternative to achieve these qualities. As well as this, with vehicle manufacturers turning to glass reinforced plastic (GRP) for many structural components, we are able to provide specific GRP adhesive which offers the ultimate bond.

Noise and vibration control is equally as vital when it comes to designing and manufacturing modes of transportation. By using specialist components to tackle the issues of noise and vibration created by the machinery, your application will no longer feel the effects of mechanical and acoustic fatigue. The friction caused by moving parts will decrease and therefore will reduce the number of repairs and improve reliability.

Internally, there are a number of features that need to be considered during manufacture to ensure comfort and consistency. With advanced technology nowadays, you can find telematics and in-car entertainments in modern vehicles with touchscreen facilities. Every unique feature needs to be installed with a suitable adhesive that provides long-lasting protection for sensitive electronic components. Low VOC tape is highly recommended for interior elements due to the environmental benefits and ability to bond to LSE materials.

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