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The structure of aircrafts, the internal mechanisms and other various parts that make up the build of aerospace machinery all require high quality adhesive solutions for maximum safety, security and sustainability. At BDK, we provide approved aerospace adhesives for every stage of aerospace construction: design, development, manufacture and maintenance.

High Quality Structural Aerospace Adhesives

BDK provide adhesives and tapes that assist in aerospace engineering and our team is trusted to deliver a top quality product every time. We will ensure quality, whether you require a double sided tape, or more complex aerospace adhesive tape.

Our capabilities include manufacturing a huge range of adhesive parts, specialist and commodity. Each product is manufactured completely to your requirements and, strength required notwithstanding, our aerospace adhesive solutions can be used for a variety of applications.

Due to the quality of aircraft structural adhesive that BDK manufacture, it provides solutions to many common issues within the aerospace industry. These include vibration, sound and heat management, as well as electromagnetic interference protection.

We ensure that each variety of adhesive that we manufacture has particular specialist qualities.

Some qualities, such as resistance to fluids, abrasion or UV and high temperatures, are particular specialities of ours. No matter the demand of your application, we offer solutions to fit all needs. Although, we have a proven track record with appeasing the most critical and high-performance standards, for those with specialist military & defence requirements.

Our aerospace adhesives and tapes can be manufactured within a cleanroom environment, whilst prototyping is also offered to customers on a quick-turnaround when required.

At BDK, we stock 300+ specialist materials at any one time. We combine knowledge with extremely high quality materials to create bespoke aircraft structural adhesives and tapes to each unique requirement.

Manufactured Aerospace Adhesives

Some main features of our aircraft structural adhesives have been listed below. However, if you can’t see the application you require, please call us to discuss your requirements.

Aerospace Adhesive Features:

  • Self-extinguishing materials
  • Electrically conductive
  • Surface protection for long and short term applications
  • Self-contained venting and gas filtration devices
  • Electromagnetic (EMI and RFI) shielding
  • High performance glass cloth sealing
  • Vibration dampening
  • Low outgassing materials
  • Thermal management


Our Tried & Tested Manufacturing Process

By supporting every client from the beginning of their project or application, we are able to provide tailor-made solutions and work together towards achieving multiple results. For example, by using our approved aerospace adhesives, we are providing our clients the opportunity to create lightweight and reliable aircrafts which will consequently accomplish increased speeds, lower fuel consumption and, ultimately, optimum cost-effectiveness.

Other benefits you can gain from using our structural adhesive solutions carry on through to the manufacturing and assembly processes, plus any maintenance and repair needs. Efficiency will be greatly improved if you choose to use the approved aerospace tapes by 3M that we supply; by eliminating the use of traditional operations of punching and drilling, you will save time and increase productivity.

Structural Adhesives for the Aerospace Industry

Due to our 60 years of experience, our innovative solutions take into consideration each element of aircraft structures and their specific requirements. Lightweighting is critical for primary structures which includes the main fuselage of the plane, the wings and the tail. We understand that in order to achieve optimum aerodynamics, the bonding of materials that construct these needs to be accurate, strong and lightweight.

Fairings, access panels and non-pressurised doors fall under the category of secondary structures. The design and manufacture of these need great attention to detail, as do the choice of adhesive solutions during the construction. Commonly following a sandwich structure, these secondary structures also require lightweight, but durable, adhesives similar to primary structures.

Peeling back another layer of the craft of aerospace machinery, the core of the mechanics, known as the propulsion applications, require different properties for their adhesive solutions. We understand that engines and the internal mechanisms, nacelles and auxiliary power units experience completely different environments than primary and secondary structures; these components need adhesives that are reliable in extreme temperatures and can undergo mechanical and acoustic fatigue without compromise.

Our wide range of fully approved, high performing structural adhesives include: lightweight bonding solutions, insulation panel adhesives, specialist masking and protection options, and noise and vibration control materials. At BDK, our engineered adhesive components are tailored to your application, so no matter what part of the aircraft design you require our products for, we will be able to advise you and provide you with the best, high quality options.


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