Tapes for the Renewable Energy Market

Tapes for the Renewable Energy Market



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Low Surface Energy Adhesives & Eco-Friendly 3M Tapes

Tapes for the Renewable Energy Market are becoming a huge part of the way we live.

With the rise of environmentally conscious attitudes, more people understand why we need to look after our planet and how we can do more to nourish the earth and its resources. Tapes for the Renewable Energy Market factor into the needs of those conscious attitudes in a variety of ways.

Renewable Energy Markets & LSE Tapes

Solar, wind and wave energy technologies are becoming increasingly popular. These methods allow us to manufacture energy from the world without causing as much damage to our surroundings. Low surface energy adhesives and sealants have played a major part in developing this technology. By creating structures that are sustainable and durable, BDK can help to reduce production costs and increase production, all in a sustainable way.

We supply low surface energy adhesives (LSE adhesives) that are necessary components to construct this equipment.

Environmental Co-Operation

With rapid advances in renewable energy technology, it is essential that innovative adhesive solutions need to keep up. We have to work together in collaboration to positively impact the environment and eliminate greenhouse gases for a brighter future. Motivation and determination to help the world thrive is present throughout BDK and our passion for specialist LSE adhesives.

Renewable Energy Markets are the Future

You can’t go far nowadays without coming across wind farms creating sustainable energy for our everyday practices. By relying on such large structures to produce essential energy, the bonding components need to be reliable and robust in order for them to perform to the highest standards and be protected against extreme weather conditions. Alternatives to traditional construction materials, like many of our structural adhesives that we supply, can offer the same high-performing durability that is required. We provide helicopter tape which is a polyurethane tape commonly used on the wind turbine blades to ensure aerodynamics and protection.

Solar farms are also increasing in popularity across our UK countryside and are considered as one of the fastest-growing energy technologies. The formation of the grid requires high performance adhesives that can simplify the manufacture process but also guarantee longevity. OLED barrier tapes are ideal for solar panels as they are designed for flexible electronic components and provide protection against oxygen and humidity. Also, for this delicate technology, ultra-thin adhesives will offer a lightweight solution with a durable structure and faster installations.

Fuel cell bonding is another advancing technology that is providing an alternative to fossil fuels which are damaging our environment. As long as a fuel cell is receiving continuous fuel and oxygen, they can produce electricity for an extended period of time which means that they offer a higher efficiency conversion than traditional methods. The electrical circuits within the electrochemical cell require conductive adhesives, as well as sealants that protect against moisture and keep the air inside. As you can see, renewable energy sources are constantly developing and, with the number of electric cars used nowadays, it is obvious that they are starting to replace our usual practices.

If you need reliable bonding solutions for your energy creation, harvesting and protection, call us today to discuss your requirements.

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