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At BDK, we are highly experienced in the world of medical tape conversions and partner with 3M to offer the best products available. Creating innovative and bespoke device components, we are a long-established tape convertor with a number of close partnerships to some of the world’s leading healthcare organisations.

One of our core business attributes is manufacturing and distributing adhesive tapes for the medical industry. With our technical knowledge and expertise of the trade, we supply high quality products alongside project management and application advice.

Skin-Friendly Adhesive Tape Development

One of the most important factors that needs to be carefully considered when it comes to designing and manufacturing medical adhesive tape components is that the product is skin-friendly. At BDK, we understand the challenges of skin and it’s ever changing condition and state so, we are able to help our clients develop an adaptable and comfortable product.

With many years’ of experience and partnerships with many leading healthcare organisations, we are able to assist from start to finish with medical adhesive tape development. From design, prototyping and testing, to manufacturing and production, we are with you every step of the way, ensuring that high quality standards are always met.

Highly Experienced Medical Tape Converter

As one of Europe's leading tape converters, we have a wealth of knowledge of converting processes and medical adhesive tape. With the medical industry and its solutions constantly evolving, the need for medical adhesive tape is growing. Also known as surgical adhesive tape, there are a number of different situations where tape can be used to aid healing. These can vary from attaching bandages to wounds, to holding a wound closed before it needing to be stitched or being used instead of stitches altogether. Due to these differing circumstances, there needs to be a range of different lengths, styles and widths of tape, as well as different materials.

Custom double-sided tape is also utilised in the medical field for many reasons. With adhesive coating both sides of the tape, double sided tape can offer improved strength and greater dimensional stability for a variety of applications. Conformability, flexibility and adaptability are enhanced as the tape can be used in surgical applications, as support for other materials needed for wound care, and as effective device mounting. Medical device components rely on the correct choice of adhesive tape to ensure both durability and comfort. At BDK, our project team for medical device components can provide advice at any stage and employ diverse technologies to ensure that we create the perfect, high-performing solutions.

Our advanced laminating facilities means we have the ability to use both zone and multilayer lamination for our clients’ material preparation and product manufacture. Our expertise ranges from laminating multiple different layers in one procedure and utilising a variety of materials such as: foams, films and foils, to creating specific areas of adhesive on materials aiding die-cut applications and the handling of materials. With these capabilities on offer, we are able to offer completely bespoke components specific to medical requirements, as well as other industries.

Contact us today to discuss your medical adhesive tape requirements and we will be happy to help and advise you on the best solution for you.

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