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The structures around us shape our landscape and the way that we live: iconic landmarks, homes and offices, attractions and public services. Therefore, BDK recognise that construction adhesives have a role to play in the ever-changing construction landscape.

At BDK, we understand that the work that goes into construction relies heavily on very high performance construction adhesives. Well manufactured adhesive tapes for construction applications allow the user to achieve consistent results every time.

Construction Tape Manufacturer

We understand that every construction project is different so, with our collaborative approach, we can help you find the perfect adhesive for you. At BDK, we aim to support our customers right from the beginning and throughout their application; we can use our combined knowledge and expertise to provide tailor-made solutions.

Whether you are looking for efficient ways to perform routine construction procedures or designing and building bespoke structures, we can help you by supplying reliable and effective VHB components. We have an extensive range of ultra-high performance tapes and adhesives for glazing, stiffener, partition and cladding applications, plus many more.

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