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Manufactured Components for Wearable Medical Devices

The emerging technology of wearable medical devices has enabled individuals to easily monitor certain vital signs during their daily lives. From blood glucose levels to cardiac rhythms, the health monitoring approach has become lighter, less invasive and more effective with this revolutionary technology.

In order for data to continuously be collected, long-wear monitoring systems and skin-mounted devices are required. The adhesives used to attach a device to the skin are a critical component to make sure that they are held in place, as well as protect the users’ skin. At BDK, our skills and competences are ideally suited for finding solutions for adhering to the skin.

Bespoke Medical Adhesive Solutions

At BDK, we have a wealth of knowledge in both the medical manufacturing and adhesive industry. We understand the considerations that need to be made when it comes to choosing the perfect adhesive and always make sure we find the one to suit specific requirements.

No matter what kind of wearable medical device, we offer bespoke manufacturing to create the ideal adhesive component for your application. Some examples of applications below:

✔ Consumer devices
✔ Watches, bracelets, clothing
✔ Medical devices
✔ Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)
✔ Heart rate / temperature / vital stats
✔ Skin to device double sided tape
✔ Internal device layer bonding
✔ Protective foam or PU layer
✔ Long term wear devices
✔ On body delivery systems
✔ Infusion pumps
✔ Sleep aid devices
✔ Blood pressure monitors
✔ Biosensors
✔ Neonatal monitoring devices

Wearable Technology in Healthcare

Human biosignals are measured by wearable technology and can be used to better understand an individual’s health; this data can be utilised by doctors and clinicians regarding a diagnosis and a treatment plan. It is important to remember that each individual and each medical condition is different, and there are multiple factors you have to consider when it comes to the construction of the device. Whether it requires long- or short-wear application, or it will be exposed to moisture or kept underneath clothing, we understand the challenges wearable technology faces.

Choosing a suitable adhesive for wearable medical devices requires all components to work together – this includes the skin adhesive, the substrate, and the adhesive used within the device. The adhesive needs to be durable in order to stay intact and attached to the skin when regular physical activities are being undertaken. The adhesive also needs to be breathable in order to let the skin breath, flex and function as it normally would. The comfort of both the device and the adhesive is important, and BDK have the ability to make sure that this is always achieved.

Other wearable medical devices that do not attach to the skin need the same amount of consideration when it comes to precise converting of adhesive tape solutions. Non-invasive medical devices, such as smart watches, still come into contact with the skin and sweat so skin-friendly and resistant adhesives are still vital.

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