BDK: a 3M Preferred Converter

BDK: a 3M Preferred Converter

The demands of the industries our customers operate within are becoming more diverse and varied by the day, in turn, these challenges and demands require more complex, innovative solutions.

BDK’s status as a 3M Preferred Converter shows that we are experienced in engineering adhesive components fit for use in the range of fast-paced industries we cater to.

Alongside various other capabilities, we are specialists in producing solutions for challenges within thermal management, green energy, bonding and battery cell bonding. Often, these solutions require us to consider high and low temperature performance, conductivity, short- and long-term protection, durability, tamper indication, special characteristics and weatherability.

What Does it Mean to be a 3M Preferred Converter?

3M manufactures a wide range of high-quality bonding products for use across various industries, applications, and substrates – including market leading tapes and adhesives that are supplied directly to converters like BDK.

Preferred Converter status is the highest designation a company can receive from 3M, and only the best converter partners are awarded this prestigious title, so we’re incredibly proud to hold this recognition. Being recognised as a 3M Preferred Converter certifies BDK’s position as an industry leading expert in our field.

Whilst a number of other companies are able to source and convert 3M adhesive products, Preferred Converter status is awarded specifically to converters that consistently prioritise manufacturing exceptional quality custom solutions and delivering outstanding customer service.

Our extensive expertise within the industry means we understand just how important it is for our customers to have a solution that combines innovative processes with high performing capabilities and prompt delivery. Being partnered directly with 3M means we can not only deliver on these expectations but produce solutions that go beyond them.

3M Preferred Converters are amongst 3M’s most trusted partners, which means that when exclusive new products are released, Preferred Converters are often granted full access to use them when developing new products with customers.

Why Work With a 3M Preferred Converter Like BDK?

In order to become a 3M Preferred Converter, BDK has had to meet strict guidelines and demonstrate our comprehensive expertise and converting capabilities. Alongside proving that we are experienced in working with 3M’s range of adhesive innovations, this also brings a range of additional benefits to our clients.

We use 3M’s specialty tape products to develop tailor-made solutions to the challenges our customers face, working alongside the following 3M business areas to develop high-performance results:

  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Safety
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Health Care
  • Commercial Solutions
  • Transportation
  • Design & Construction

Throughout our longstanding partnership with 3M, we have been able to expand and develop our expertise with the latest, most advanced adhesives available on the market. With our knowledge and experience consistently progressing in line with the latest industry developments, we are always able to create innovative, bespoke solutions tailored to our clients’ individual challenges.

Our status as a Preferred Converter also grants us access to preferential pricing terms and direct support from 3M material specialists, allowing us to supply our clients with high-performance adhesive products at very competitive prices.

Our customers can also benefit from accelerated processing times as well as access to the comprehensive levels of inventory we hold onsite, this means you can rest assured that your solution will be developed promptly, with no unnecessary interruptions to the product development process.

With a 3M Preferred Converter such as BDK, you can be confident that you are working with a manufacturing team with a deep-rooted understanding of market demands, stemming from a consistent pursuit for excellence within the adhesives industry.