from the Blog BDK Has Been Appointed as 3M Medical Preferred Converter

Alongside our 3M Preferred Converter status, BDK is excited to announce that 3M Medical Materials & Technologies (MedTech) have appointed us as a Medical Preferred Converter too.

Our Professional Journey with 3M

As a 3M Preferred Converter, we are established as an industry-leading converter and solutions provider to a wide range of sectors. As a 3M Medical Preferred Converter, we are recognised as specialists in every aspect of medical converting including wearable medical devices, advanced wound care, medicated dressings and medical diagnostic devices.

“BDK has been supplying 3M products since the 1960’s and converting them since the 1970’s. Recognition of our investments and expertise in healthcare manufacturing by being appointed a 3M Medical Materials Preferred Converter is another solid step in our journey with 3M.”

– Nick Falconer, Managing Director

BDK’s Partnership with 3M MedTech

3M Health Care Business Group create partnerships with companies who provide the most innovative technologies to help the public and healthcare professionals. At BDK, we are focused on delivering solutions to the medical and healthcare sectors.

We manufacture bespoke and confidential healthcare products and our capabilities have expanded to cater to increased demand and developing needs of the industry.

“We are excited to add BDK to our network of Medical Preferred Converters. Medical Preferred Converters are a key part of our business model as we work to supply medical device companies with component materials that are transformed by our network of uniquely qualified Medical Preferred Converters. BDK has demonstrated their investment and capability to serve medical device markets that require biocompatible medical tapes and adhesives.”

– Matt Berdahl, 3M MedTech’s Global Converter Channel Manager

3M Medical Materials & Technologies have credited our knowledge and expertise on medical adhesives, as well as our technical abilities and our drive to innovate, with this status. After working with 3M for many years, they know we can be relied upon to convert their materials and manufacture high quality products.

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