from the Blog The Benefits of Custom Die Cutting

What is Die Cutting?

Known for its repeated precision, die cutting refers to the process of consistently cutting uniform designs out of material. The designs are created using custom-made dies and this method is commonly used for high production volumes.

BDK has gained from over 60 years of market-leading experience and has the ability to create innovative functional parts by converting flexible substrates, including adhesives, films, foils, papers and other speciality materials.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Die Cut Adhesives?

There are many benefits associated with die cutting, especially for industries such as the healthcare and medical sector. Helping customers to develop anything, from a wound dressing to a gasket for a lithium ion battery system and a spacer tape within revolutionary test devices, is what we do with our project management team.

Saves Time & Money

The assembly process is simplified through automation and bespoke tooling. By creating a design that specifically fits your requirements, the correct size, shape, and format can be applied immediately. BDK’s automated process significantly saves time compared to manual hand assembly, reducing manual labour time and costs, as well as reducing wastage, and facilitating efficient manufacturing for our customers.

Reliable & Accurate

Through an established process using custom dies, a reliable and highly accurate method of manufacture is able to be repeated. Whether you need a specific width, length, shape, perforation or lines, you can rely on rotary die cutting for manufacture. Efficiency and consistency are both strong benefits of custom die cutting, especially for high production volumes and for industries where complete precision is required e.g. medical adhesives.


Custom die cutting is used to cater for a variety of industries. It can be tailored to any product development process and can be used on any adhesive and flexible component. The bespoke aspect of custom die cutting means adhesive components can be tailor-made to suit your application. BDK offer bespoke rotary die cutting services for materials such as single or double sided tape, transfer, foam or film tape, and non-woven and filmic materials.

Custom Die Cutting Capability from BDK

BDK is a market-leading medical device manufacturer and experts at tape conversions using flexible materials and adhesive coated materials. We convert and die cut any specified material into precision components.We provide end-to-end project delivery by understanding your product requirements and the application it will be used for and choosing the best process for you. Our cutting technique will be tailored to you, including our custom die cutting, to deliver the exact form, fit and functionality you are looking for.

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