from the Blog BDK is Becoming Part of Swiss ATP Adhesive Systems Group

An exciting announcement for 2021 is that BDK is becoming part of ATP Adhesive Systems Group based in Switzerland.

BDK is an established solutions provider, supplying specialised adhesive components for a wide range of sectors, including the medical and healthcare, aerospace and automotive industries. Partnering with the leading water-based adhesives tapes manufacturer, we can continue to deliver unique solutions to our clients.

Who is ATP Adhesive Systems Group?

ATP Adhesive Systems Group is the pioneer in high-performing water-based adhesive tapes. They are exclusively focussed on water-based technology and offer tailor-made solutions through their in-house Research & Development capabilities.

“I am excited for BDK to become part of ATP – whose DNA is very similar to ours and focusses around offering the best solution to our customers.” Nick Falconer, CEO BDK

Like BDK, they serve a variety of industries and share the same technical drive to provide customers with tailor-made solutions. Full end-to-end development and delivery of bespoke functional parts is as much the core of BDK as it is at ATP. This collaboration will bring a number of opportunities and possibilities to both companies, as well as our clients.

The Future Ahead for BDK

This new combination provides an even stronger partner to all our customers. BDK and ATP are both dedicated to providing customers with bespoke solutions. This partnership will result in an expansion of our range of solutions and an increase in our service offering.

We are looking forward to working together with ATP and exploring new opportunities to grow our client base and strengthen our capabilities.

For more information or to ask any questions, please get in touch with us.