from the Blog The year so far for BDK, one of Europe’s leading Healthcare Converters!

2020 has been a challenging year!

At BDK, we responded positively and timely to the extraordinary circumstances we all faced and, despite the unfolding events, succeeded in maintaining operations and growing our business.

At the start of our financial year, we began preparing for Brexit which was a test of our contingency planning. COVID-19 followed, and the training provided by our insurance company to our management team in disaster recovery was put to good use. Proven in the preparedness and implementation of novel protocols to ensure our staff and business remained safe during the outbreak.

How BDK Confronted & Dealt with These Obstacles

Our close relationships with Suppliers and Customers throughout Europe provided an insight of the looming disruption the pandemic would cause to people and businesses. Our plans to ensure the spread of the disease within our facilities was minimised and that any disruption to our production could be contained were therefore robust and ready to be implemented from the very first day of lockdown, the 23rd March. These procedures, along with the help and support of all staff, kept the business running at 100% throughout. Since lockdown, we operated across 2 manufacturing shifts, with remote working where possible, and ensured our Customers were continually supplied with their critical components and products.

Team Work & Collaboration

Together, the BDK team worked through unprecedented and challenging times, responding to both sudden downturns and exciting surges in demand from customers at the same time as learning to cope with lockdown and remote working. New customers, which were (and are) always gratefully received during the headlined 20%+ drop in GDP, were not an unusual occurrence.

At the start of lockdown, we registered on the UK Government web site to offer manufacturing support and were able to respond to the new demand for PPE face visors by setting up production capacity in the millions, if needed. We also donated material to a local initiative that brought together schools and businesses in Suffolk.

We couldn’t have done any of this without the help and cooperation of all staff members. By working together and supporting each other, we maintained production and amplified our reputation as a leading technical supplier of precision die-cut and functional parts. We continued to offer full sub-contract manufacturing capabilities, backed up with ISO9001, ISO13485, Class 7/10,000 clean rooms and, of course, our project management teams who are ready to manage your enquiry.

To find out more, please contact us or watch our Company video.

Our capabilities include:

Dedicated Project management team

Prototyping and Pilot production

Subcontract manufacturer


Clean room Production with Bio-burden monitoring

Medical Pouching / Packaging in dedicated clean room

Medicated dressing manufacture



Slitting – reel to reel and lathe

Cutting – laser, flat bed, rotary

Laminating – multi layers


Perforation – hot and cold

Heat Sealing

RF Welding

Corona surface treatment



Tension control


Multi Island Placement


IQ, OQ, PQ Process validation

Process capability studies including 6 sigma Cpks

Control of sterilization process

ISO 13485

FDA Registered