from the Blog COVID-19 Update: How BDK Are Supporting the NHS

How are BDK Supporting the NHS?

BDK is a key manufacturer / convertor of precisely cut components made from adhesive coated and non-adhesive flexible materials. It was vital to ensure our production was unaffected during this pandemic in order to continue to support our customers on the front line, fighting COVID-19.

We had already planned to start self-protection of our staff to ensure uninterrupted supply to our customers. We implemented our internal precautions to minimize the spread of the virus on the very first day of the lockdown on 23rd March. Those procedures are working well.

Since then, the Coronavirus hit. Whilst we continued to manufacture essential components involved in the fight against COVID-19 and the care of people affected by it to our existing customers, we also experienced spikes in demand from new sectors, including PPE face visors.

In response to the demand for face visors, we set up production with capacity in the millions, if needed. We also offered support to local initiatives, coordinated by BT, with a donation of clear plastic visor material.

We have also been working with the diagnostic test industry. Our proven ability to laminate layers together for lateral flow devices and accurately cut capillary channels with tolerances measured in microns for the microfluidic IVD test strip devices is a fundamental capability helping to bring new solutions quicker to end users.

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