from the Blog All About Person-Centred Wound Care

2019 EWMA Conference Information

After exhibiting at the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) last year, we have been excited to go back again this year.

For 2019, the theme of the conference is ‘Person-Centred Wound Care – Who is in Charge of the Wound?’, so we wanted to look into this more.

What Is the Person-Centred Approach?

The person-centred approach focuses on the fact that we should look at the whole person, rather than just the wound during wound care application. The patient has to live with the wound so should be in collaboration with everyone involved within this process. Every member of wound care application, including the manufacturers, needs to remember the requirements of individual patients, that every human is different, and every wound is different.

Why Is It Important?

With both the professionals and the patient working together, progressive developments can be made, and support can be provided for the healing process. This will consequently lead to better quality patient care and cost-effectiveness. At BDK, we offer a wide range of advanced wound care products, such as silicone gel dressings and perforated silicone gel wound contact layers, as well as bespoke wound care management to cater to individual needs.

Where Is the EWMA Conference?

We’re eager to learn more about the person-centred approach when we visit the EWMA in June over a three-day period. We will be exhibiting in the sustainable city of Gothenburg on the 5th, 6th and 7th June and coming together with the European and International wound management communities – We hope to see you there too!