from the Blog Precision Engineering for Diabetes Testing

Case Study for Medtech Week

As part of Medtech Week, we’re showcasing our innovation and capabilities in the medtech sector by sharing case studies of our bespoke work with healthcare clients:

A great example of our precision engineering, to help our clients create essential medical equipment, is our products used in diabetes test strips.

We use a process called tight tolerance die cutting which helps us create an essential element of the test stick.

In order for a diabetic to monitor their blood sugar levels, they are required to carry out daily blood tests.  This typically requires a sample of blood to be introduced into a test strip which is then inserted into a hand held reader.

To obtain an accurate measurement of the blood sugar level, it is important that the volume of blood being analysed is always the same. We ensure this is controlled through the precise cutting of a double-sided adhesive tape which creates the capillary chamber where the blood is drawn into from the subject’s fingertip. The dimensional accuracy of this capillary chamber is better than +/- 10 microns, which is less than the width of a human hair.

Precision Engineering for Diabetes Testing