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Medtech Week Case Study – Non-Invasive Ultrasound Device

As part of Medtech Week, we’re showcasing our innovation in the medtech sector by sharing case studies of our bespoke work with healthcare clients:

The challenge

Our client has created a non-invasive wireless sensor to allow patients to be mobile whilst they are being monitored for their strength and ability to breath after receiving ventilator treatment in hospital.

They needed us to create a non-invasive, adhesive skin patch which would allow the transmission of sound from the sensor, through the adhesive patch.

What did we do?

Planning meetings were held with the client, which enabled us to define the materials that would work.  We then tested the performance of these materials for successful sound transmission, and worked with the client to design the final part and application method.

A pilot trial was held with the coating facility to manufacture a double sided adhesive and successful clinical trials have now been held. We are now in the final stages of completing the project which will enable the customer to launch the product to the healthcare sector

The effect

It is estimated that 12% of all hospital costs are attributed to patients requiring mechanical ventilation.  The sensor has the potential to release pressure and costs in hospitals, and improve processes for patients by allowing them to leave hospital far quicker than has been previously allowed. A wireless sensor which can monitor their breathing capacity allows them to be up and mobile, removing them from the restrictions of the hospital bed.

Being able to monitor the diaphragm, the most important muscle in the respiratory system, the customer can also use this method to improve rehabilitation of inpatients after trauma, surgery or patients suffering from lung diseases.

Non-Invasive Ultrasound Device