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healthcare solutions

BDK… leading the way in Medical Adhesive Conversions

BDK is an innovative, technical and highly experienced medical convertor. We are a confidential partner to many leading healthcare organisations providing a complete project management service encompassing everything from prototyping, volume manufacture, pouching and regulatory support.

Tight Tolerance Rotary Die Cutting
Precision tight tolerance die cutting of flexible substrates achieving tolerance of up to +/-10μ.
Class 7 Clean Room
Our Clean rooms are bio- burdened controlled and are in operation 24 hour a day.
Wearable and Attachment Products
Attachment of long wear time monitoring systems and skin mounted devices are ideally suited to BDKs skills and Competences
Perforation of silicone tri-laminates and double sided adhesives for advanced wound care products.
Capabilities driven by over 55 years’ experience in conversion to provide wound care and advanced wound care products
Ostomy Components
Providing flange extenders, filters and securement devices with and without additives.
Quality is vital. BDK’s culture & commitment to Quality ensures your product is manufactured to your specification.
In all product development, prototyping is a basic requirement. BDK have the ability to prototype internally through a variety of conversion routes.
Product Development
Your confidential manufacturing partner, combining material and conversion expertise for your Medical Device.