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Medically Approved Adhesive Tapes

Over the years, the healthcare industry has relied heavily on technology for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illness or disease. The multitude of medical devices and general equipment is not only increasing in number but also decreasing in physical size, so adhesive requirements need to be more accurate than ever.

At BDK, we have strong relationships with UK medical device manufacturers and understand the complex needs of various essential devices. Many producers have turned to adhesive tapes for their bonding solutions due to many benefits compared to traditional fixing methods. High performance tapes provide lightweight and invisible bonds with additional features of thermal and electrical management and skin-friendly compatibility.

Commitment to Quality

Improved device control and reduced patient trauma are the results of choosing the right medical device adhesive tape. Whether you need a bonding component for the internal construction or a skin-friendly adhesive for wearable devices, at BDK we always look at patient comfort as a priority and offer a number of reliable medical adhesive tape solutions.

We are proud to be an innovative, technical and highly experienced healthcare solutions provider; working with many leading healthcare organisations, we have gained an extensive knowledge of the industry. We are committed to quality with both of our ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001 accreditations and make sure that your product is manufactured to your specification alongside these quality requirements.

Precision Cut Adhesive Coated Tapes

Our range of manufacturing capabilities means that we can offer custom die cutting to create bespoke components for medical devices. From flatbed cutting to rotary die cutting, simple shapes and sizes to more complex constructions, medical device adhesive tape can be customised into the ideal form. Complete accuracy can be achieved by creating the specific width, length and shape in uniform production; combining with complementary materials, you can attain the functionality and reliability you need for your medical device.

It is important to note that many medical devices will come into contact with patient’s skin, especially when undergoing continuous monitoring. Skin friendly adhesives are therefore paramount to the construction of medical devices and the components required for wearable monitors and attachments. Devices that monitor patient vital signs, like an ECG or EEG will be adhered to the patient so the adhesive used will need to be comfortable, as well as long lasting.

Also, with medical devices and technology becoming smaller in size, the adhesive tape used in its construction needs to be completely secure. It is quite likely that patients will move around frequently so, as well as choosing the right measurements, the durability of the adhesive is an important consideration too. At BDK, we understand the challenges of skin as well as the varying conditions that medical devices are used for, so we can help and advise you on which adhesive tape or component would be best for your application.

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