from the Blog Formulate & Convert Your Own Adhesive with ATP & BDK

Back in 2021, the perfect partnership was formed between BDK and ATP. With BDK becoming part of ATP Adhesive Systems Group, this combination strengthens our capabilities and service offering to our customers.

This article will explore this partnership further and what you can expect from BDK and ATP.

Formulate Your Adhesive with ATP

ATP Adhesive Systems Group exclusively develop sustainable adhesive solutions for medical products; they won the Best Client-Specific Sustainable Adhesive Products Award 2022. Working in-house, adhesive formulations are specifically produced for customer requirements and methods used meet up-to-date technological guidelines.

From transfer- to single- and double sided or thermally activated adhesive systems, ATP formulate and coat a variety of tapes and films for a broad range of industries. Tapes are available in jumbo of up to 2,250mm wide to slit rolls as narrow as 4mm with or without finger lift. With vast experience in the manufacture of different products and as a customised development company, ATP are on-hand to customise your adhesive formulation.

Convert Your Adhesive with BDK

BDK offer full service project management in order to produce engineered adhesive components for a number of sectors. After an initial briefing, our team identify the right materials for your product development to ensure they are in-line with FDA and CE compliance.

Our wide range of capabilities, from multi-layer laminating to island or component placement, dosing of active ingredients to RF welding and perforation, enable us to develop a solution that meets your specification alongside tight tolerances and quality control.

Next, a sample is created using either materials sourced from one of our many established tape suppliers or from your formulation made by ATP. After rigorous testing and once our production process is validated, manufacture will commence.

ATP & BDK: The Perfect Partnership

Since working together, we are proud to offer our customers a complete service from formulation to conversion. Our strong partnership provides the ability to develop a truly bespoke adhesive solution exclusively for you. For more information or to ask any questions, please get in touch with us.