from the Blog Working with BDK: Full Service Project Management

BDK has innovation and product design at our core. For over 60 years, we have been producing engineered adhesive components for a wide range of sectors. Our reputation is based on our accuracy, precision and full service project management.

The bespoke adhesive components we create for our clients are used in thousands of everyday items. Across the globe and various industries, they are a crucial internal detail in products supplied to over 90 countries worldwide – we can even claim to have components in outer space!

Our production facility runs 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Our Class 10,000 cleanrooms are bio burden controlled and compliant with BS EN ISO 14644 standards. We manufacture components that are essential parts of healthcare devices and equipment. We are FDA  registered and hold ISO 13485:2016 accreditation for the production of medical devices.

What’s Involved in BDK’s Full Service Project Management?

When prospective clients approach BDK with a new project, our commitment is clear from the outset. Our full service project management sees us fully integrating in the early stages of the customer’s development process, so we can get it right first time and provide the highest possible service.

Time is invested into fully understanding your brief and the product you are looking to create. Our extensive experience enables us to identify the correct materials for the product construction. There are stringent requirements to follow when manufacturing products of this nature; we work to ensure they are FDA and CE compliant.

Our team oversee the entire process and help coordinate the elements to bring your design together. With our range of capabilities and knowledge, we can advise you on the best method and material to result in a product that meets specification, tolerances and is the highest quality product.

A sample is created using materials sourced from our trusted suppliers. We then demonstrate our production process is consistent and viable. We are thorough in our IQ, OQ, PQ Validation and PFMEA and take quality very seriously.

Once our production process is validated, manufacture will be underway; we can accommodate any quantity. From concept to prototyping, trials to launch and high volume production, our team are capable, knowledgeable and reliable. Contact us today to get your project started.