from the Blog BDK & the Production of PCR Seals

BDK is a major manufacturer of market leading PCR seals. Demand rocketed throughout the pandemic and we’re proud to have supported global labs in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

What is PCR?

PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction. It is a laboratory technique for rapidly producing (amplifying) millions to billions of copies of a specific segment of DNA which can then be studied in greater detail. This, in turn, increases test accuracy and is now one of the most renowned techniques in molecular biology.

PCR enables the identification of a whole range of pathogens, from Ebola to COVID-19, ensuring rapid decision making in terms of treatment; faster recovery for patients and lower healthcare costs for governments.

PCR seals are a crucial consumable for the PCR process and are used to seal microplates (containing reagents and samples) during the reaction phases and storage thereafter.

Features of PCR Seals

PCR seals are used to prevent evaporation during thermal cycling or storage, but can also serve additional purposes; high clarity seals allow visual and digital inspection using vision systems. Gas permeable seals allow outgassing whilst ensuring the microplate contents remain in place. Heat seals allow rapid automated systems to seal plates highly efficiently.

BDK’s Range of PCR Seals

At BDK, we manufacture a full range of PCR seals using high clarity adhesive and films, heat seal foils and films, pierceable foils, opaque adhesives and even bespoke printed seals. Our extensive capabilities and years of experience enable us to meet the needs of the most demanding labs.

We have supplied the life sciences industry with PCR seals for 30 years. During the peak of the pandemic, we produced over 9 million seals each month.

We are committed to being the best we can be for manufacturing and supplying products to the healthcare industry and, ultimately, the public. We are proud of what we have achieved – and continue to achieve – during a difficult time. This demonstrates our ability to adapt, grow and cater to the everchanging demands of our customers.

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