from the Blog BDK Are Supporting an Ultramarathon Runner to Raise Funds for Local Charities

Luke Read, founder of Airborne Fit in Ipswich, is competing in a 250km ultramarathon this March in the Sahara Dessert, Morocco.

Over the years, Luke has fundraised for a number of charities using male mental health advocacy and passion for fitness as his main drivers. At BDK, we are proud to sponsor this local business owner in his toughest fitness challenge yet which is raising money for Suffolk Community Foundation and Cancer Campaign in Suffolk.

Marathon Des Sables – What Is It?

The Marathon Des Sables is renowned as the hardest foot race on earth and 2022 sees its 36th annual event this year. Taking place in southern Morocco between 25th March – 4th April, the average temperatures range from 30°C during the day and 14°C during the night. The sun plus the heat together with the sand dunes creates a gruelling environment ready to test every participant.

Around 1200 people gather for this event from around the world and tackle extreme conditions to undertake the ultimate test of physical endurance and mental resilience. The ultramarathon is open to runner and walkers, with several different stages to the route and food self-sufficiency over 250km, equivalent to 6 marathons.

All About BDK

We at BDK are specialist medical device sub-contract manufacturers, making components for diagnostic devices and advanced wound care products in use throughout the world from our base in Levington, Ipswich.

As well as delivering innovative solutions globally, we also strive to support our local community where we can, including sponsoring local businesses and individuals. Contact us today to find out more information.