from the Blog Innovative End-to-End Project Delivery

At BDK, we offer everything from production of prototypes to fully validated volume production.

We follow a proven process and work closely with every client, tailoring solutions specifically to meet their demands.

Professional Healthcare Adhesive Convertor & Subcontract Manufacture

The initial Design stage consists of our dedicated project managers taking the time to understand our customer’s requirements and targets for their components and devices. We consider the volumes, specifications, and materials needed for their specific project.

BDK have a wide range of capabilities and years of experience developing the best process to achieve our customers goals. Material selection is facilitated by our comprehensive knowledge of Materials that are suitable for medical components and devices.

Whether its wearable patches, diagnostic devices or wound management, we have a variety of solutions that can meet your specifications. We provide materials that are approved for medical components, or specifically developed to achieve your requirements featuring comfort and breathability, functionality and flexibility, durability and lightweight.

The next step in your project is Prototyping and Development which usually consists of trials to test the outcome of the chosen process and to identify any areas of improvement. Our thorough quality control techniques and Process Validation ensures manufacturing quality and consistency. Once validated, volume Production can commence.

Medical Device Manufacturing from BDK

Medical device manufacturing requires accuracy and precision in every part of the process.

From medical device components to wearable medical devices, we provide innovative end-to-end project delivery for every customer. Contact us today to find out more and see what we can do for you.