from the Blog The Benefits of Wearable Medical Devices

Wearable medical devices and technology have seen an increase in demand over recent years.

As experts in the medical manufacturing industry and with innovation at the core of what we do, BDK are dedicated to delivering adhesive components for medical wearable solutions.

What Are Wearable Medical Devices?

Wearable medical devices refer to technology that performs a specific medical function, e.g., tracking, monitoring, gathering data, and can be attached and reattached to the body. The data these medical wearables collect spans from heart rates to stress levels, glucose levels and oxygen saturation levels.

Some examples include:

  • Biosensors – Monitor heart and respiratory rates with the ability to alert the individual of potential cardiac and respiratory arrests
  • ECG Monitors – Measure electrocardiograms for individuals with heart conditions and send results to doctor
  • Diabetic Glucometer – Monitor glucose levels using a sensor placed under the skin that connects to a smartphone
  • Blood Pressure Monitors – Measure blood pressure levels and examines against daily activity

Benefits of Wearable Medical Devices

High-Performance Functionality

The functionality designed for wearable medical devices is unique and innovative. IoT in healthcare and medical devices has opened up the possibility of targeting specific problems that may not have solutions yet. By utilising other types of technology and exclusively focusing on individual medical conditions, high-performance medical wearable solutions can be created.

Monitor in Real-Time from a Distance

When patients are not in hospital, wearable technologies allow medical practitioners to monitor them in real-time from a distance. No matter where they are located, they can stay up to date with their patients’ readings and information regarding their medical conditions. These devices have made it possible for patients to spend more time at home without risking their health.

Extensive Insight for Healthcare Providers

In addition to providing data for the individual, they provide benefits to healthcare providers too. Wearable technology in healthcare delivers accurate information regarding medical conditions, including symptoms, psychological and physiological trends to healthcare providers. This enables them to improve and enhance patient care not just for current patients, but future patients too.

At BDK, we strive to match the technical innovation of wearable medical devices today and in the future. As a subcontract medical device manufacturer that offers end-to-end project management, we can provide a solution that suits your specific requirements.

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