from the Blog The Advancement of Dressings

A History of the Dressing

Dressings were traditionally made from natural materials such as a piece of cloth, leaves, cobwebs, and sometimes honey. Today, a dressing is a pad that is directly applied to a wound in order to promote healing of the wound and offer protection from further harm. The breathable and moist environment of a modern dressing helps the wound heal quicker whilst reducing the risk of infection and scarring.

Over time, there has been significant developments in medical dressings. They can be made from gels, hydrogels, foams, gauze, plastic films, granules, beads, etc. Modern medical dressings have now been specifically designed to cater for different types of wounds.

Different Types of Dressing

There are many types of dressing that provide certain environments that are suited to different wounds.

Advanced Wound Care

Advanced wound care (AWC) products are designed to add a technical, performance characteristic to protect the wound from bacterial contamination, but also to keep the wound environment moist to promote healing. Some examples of AWC products are:

  • Silicone Dressings
  • Hydrogel Dressings
  • Hydrocolloid Dressings
  • Alginate Dressings
  • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Dressings
  • Acrylic Window Dressing or Window Dressings
  • Semi-Permeable Film Dressings
  • Semi-Permeable Foam Dressings

The Future of Medicated Dressings

Medicine is constantly uncovering new ways to help patients heal. BDK are proud to have added to our list of capabilities the ability to manufacture wound dressings with active ingredients or additives which, introduce to our customers the possibility of novel ways to help patients heal faster with less pain.

BDK is dedicated to innovation and keeping up to date with the latest medical developments, and are investigating other medications to improve outcomes in wound care. We currently provide a solution for high-quality manufacturing of medicated dressings and strive to continue to develop even more bespoke solutions for our customers.

BDK Extends ISO 13485 Scope

BDK is a specialist sub-contract medical device manufacturer and we have now extended our ISO 13485 Medical Device scope to include medicated dressings.

ISO 13485 is an established standard that prescribes the requirements for a quality management system specific to the medical devices industry. BDK is renowned for outstanding quality with our robust quality management system.

Including medicated dressings and control of the sterilisation process in our ISO 13485 Medical Device scope will strengthen our capabilities and enhances our status as the leading medical adhesives technology company.

Get in touch with us for further information on our medicated wound dressings manufacture or if you have any queries.