from the Blog Are You Dealing with the Right Healthcare Solution Provider?

There are many healthcare solution providers, but none like BDK. In an industry where you cannot compromise, you need a company you can trust and rely on for professional healthcare products.

Answer these questions to identify if you are dealing with the right one for you.

Healthcare Solution Provider Checklist

Is Your Provider Certified to BS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System & ISO 13485 Medical Device?

BDK hold both the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 accreditation, recently extending our ISO 13485 Medical Device scope to include medicated dressings.

We ensure that we have the correct certified quality management systems in place in order to manufacture the highest quality products for the medical industry. We are also FDA registered and our Class 7 (Class 10,000) clean rooms are bioburden controlled and monitored. Our reputation for outstanding quality is reflected throughout our operations.

Does Your Provider Have Varying Capabilities in Order to Meet Your Requirements?

After many years of converting and assembling adhesive components, BDK have a wide variety of capabilities to suit your unique requirements.

Diverse and encompassing, our operations see us manufacturing over 20 million products every year and stocking over 300 materials. Our capabilities continue to evolve and our integration with Swiss ATP Adhesive Systems Group increases and strengthens our service offering to include adhesive formulation and coating, converting, assembly packaging and sterilisation, project and regulatory management and much more!

Does Your Provider Have Extensive Experience in the Industry?

Established over 60 years ago, BDK has a wealth of experience within the industry and extensive knowledge in every sector they serve.

Our experience gives us the means to provide customers with tailor-made solutions. Over the years, BDK have gained a strong reputation in the healthcare industry providing specialised adhesive components for medical devices and advanced wound care. Our proven product management process ensures we consistently deliver unique solutions to our clients, housing the full range of converting techniques onto various substrates including coated with acrylic, or silicone gel adhesive, or a hydrogel, or a hydrocolloid, or aqueous based formulations that create medicated dressings.

Is Your Provider Innovative and Forward-Thinking When It Comes to Providing Solutions?

Innovation is at the core of what BDK do. We are dedicated to investigating and discovering new, bespoke solutions for our customers.

We have been involved in a number of projects that showcase our commitment to the future of medical adhesives. From developing an antimicrobial and antiviral coating to kill bacteria and viruses on any surface in seconds to manufacturing a revolutionary wearable face mask, our innovative capabilities bring ideas to life. We also strive to enhance our own technology to provide the best service to our customers.

BDK Are Your Healthcare Solution Provider

As a confidential partner to many leading healthcare organisations, BDK upholds a strong reputation across the industry. We provide high quality performance products and specialise in medical device components and innovation healthcare solutions.

Contact us for further information or to discuss your requirements.