from the Blog BDK marks 60 years in business!

In 2020, BDK Marked 60 Years of Business

Suffolk’s manufacturing success story, BDK, marks six decades in business

BDK is celebrating its 60th anniversary – marking 6 decades of precision engineered manufacturing.

The company produces engineered adhesive components for a range of industries including medical, security and aerospace.

From the manufacture of adhesive pads for car logos in its early days, to precision manufacturing of medical diagnostic materials today, the company has taken an opportunistic approach to the manufacturing market, moving and flexing to suit demands.

Of the 90-strong full-time workforce, almost a quarter of been with the company for more than 15 years, demonstrating an impressive level of staff loyalty.

Production Manager Mervyn Miller has been with BDK for 38 years and when asked why he has stayed so long, he explains “Many of my colleagues have been here for a long time and I think it’s because it’s just so interesting. We’re not a company that stays still for very long. We constantly adapt and change to suit the market, so I’ve never been bored in 38 years. Every day is a new challenge.”

From flatbed die-cutting in the early days, to laser cutting and radio frequency welding today, BDK’s capabilities and technological offerings have adapted to suit customers and their products.

Managing Director Nick Falconer explains, “I’m extremely proud to be leading BDK in its 60th year. BDK started in the late 1950s and soon after, my father Graham joined the business and established what have proven to be unique, solid foundations for a business that has lasted the test of time. For me, our success is down to this, supported by our forward thinking, flexible approach to giving our customers what they need.

“We produce adhesive components that manufacturers need to bring their designs to market, so over the years we have adapted our capabilities so that we can offer them the very best solutions.

“This means we have invested heavily in our technology, specifically within the medical industry, to meet the growing needs of businesses in this sector.

“We adapt as markets change and from our early days of making pads for car badges to our advanced medical processes today, we’re at the forefront of manufacturing design.  This is set to be the strongest year in BDK’s 60 year history and we’re looking forward to continued growth as we enter new markets next year and beyond.”