from the Blog How to Store Adhesives in Winter

Now that we are deep into November, the colder temperature is starting to hit which can have a detrimental effect on your adhesives, especially tapes and water-based components.

It is essential to store your adhesive tape at the optimum temperature because extreme conditions can alter the bonding characteristics and result in the degradation of the material. With water-based adhesives, extreme cold temperatures can cause freezing, which can consequently lead to the consistency becoming thicker. It can also cause a slower setting speed and reduced bonding strength.

Luckily, there are a few ways to avoid these problems and make sure you do not experience any downtime for your production.

Storage Advice for Adhesives in Winter

  • The optimum temperature to store adhesives is between 15-25°C, so during the winter months you should ensure that the environment is warm and heated; if you keep the heating on overnight, this will maintain the temperature.
  • By ordering products at the beginning of the week, this means that they will be sitting on a cold truck for less time and will be transferred to a warmer environment quicker.
  • Make sure that you keep your adhesives in a covered container or in the original packaging, in a cool and dry location; this will ensure that the adhesive is protected and preserved against further chilling.
  • As well as the original packaging, you can also invest in foil pack or cartridge warmers which can keep your adhesives insulated against the cold temperatures.
  • Always make sure you store your adhesives off the ground as this can make a massive difference to the change in temperature and remember to keep any roller-shutter doors down, and invest in draught excluders if needs be, to avoid any heat escaping.

As temperatures continue to drop into the New Year, make sure you follow these tips to avoid downtime and save money – Contact us for more information and advice.