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In order for our project management to be of the highest quality, we follow a proven process to help us achieve great results every time.

We work extremely closely with every client and tailor our solutions to their requirements so they receive their desired products.

Our proven process

We begin with the Design stage, where we take the time to understand our customer’s needs and what they would like to accomplish with their component. At this time, we have to take into consideration the volumes, sizes and materials needed for the construction of their product.

Next, we go through the Evaluation process, assessing the best process to use in order to manufacture their item. As you may know, we have a variety of capabilities at BDK, plus years of experience, so we will be able to advise you on the ideal method and material to use for the highest quality result.

Prototyping and Development includes multiple trials to test the outcome of the chosen procedure. This is where we can see if the decisions we have made are producing the best results, and identify if any element needs ironing out. We take quality very seriously here, which is why we are so thorough when it comes to Process Validation.

By using IQ, OQ, PQ validation and PFMEA, we can ensure that our process will produce the best results, resulting in customer satisfaction. Installation Qualification (IQ) validation proves that the equipment and surroundings are completely suitable for the production and manufacture of the component. Operational Qualification (OQ) validation proves that the parameters chosen for the process are at the optimum setting for the production.

Performance Qualification (PQ) is where all of these elements come together to run the process three times and analyse the results. Finally, Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (PFMEA) is an analysis tool that identifies any potential failures in the process, from the start to finish.

Once everything has been tested and confirmed, Production is underway and your quality products will be produced and packaged to your requirements. We believe that attention to detail is crucial and by embracing this attitude we can achieve the perfect product and complete customer satisfaction.

Find out why we’ve got such a strong reputation in the adhesives industry, by contacting us today and seeing what we can do for you.