from the Blog What Can You Use Adhesive Tape For?

Nowadays, there is such a huge assortment of adhesive tape, different thicknesses, adhesive systems, capabilities and performance characteristics.

Most tapes are pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) and typically come in either single-sided or double-sided form. Some are great for general purpose work but many have been specifically formulated for certain functions, applications and substrates.

Types of Adhesive Tapes


Adhesive tapes are popular alternatives to using fasteners, screws or welding as they are clean and lightweight, therefore protecting the surface for longer. The manufacturing process of automated product production is simplified as it is quick to apply the tape and it creates a consistent adhesive layer which enables reliability. It can also withstand any impact so you don’t have to worry about movement, vibration, thermal expansion or contraction.

Renewable Energy

Innovation is at the forefront of the global renewable energy market, so it’s no wonder adhesive tapes are utilised within this industry. For wind energy, serrations, vortex generators and gurney flaps are attached to wind turbines using adhesive tape due to its strength and ability to provide lasting and reliable bonds, even at sub-zero temperatures. Adhesive tapes are a slimmer, easier alternative for the PV cells in solar power too, as they remove stress points which can cause the cells to break.


As we all know, our smart phones are prone to overheating when used a lot, but adhesive tape can help to prevent this; they are able to divert the heat and effectively lower the temperature around critical components. On top of this, electrically conductive adhesive tape has been created in order to enable a smoother functioning of complex electrical circuits and reduce the number of short-circuits.

All in all, adhesive tapes have become a universal tool in many unexpected industries. If you’re still using other adhesives or fasteners, consider trying tape instead. Contact us today to find the right adhesive tape for you.