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BDK expands manufacturing capability as demand grows

Leading adhesives technology company BDK, has expanded its production facilities as demand grows for bespoke engineered components.

BDK, which has been established for nearly 60 years, produces adhesive components for a wide range of sectors including the medical and healthcare, aerospace and automotive industries.

From their site in Suffolk, the company runs a 24 hours a day, 5 days per week production facility and has just added its third state of the art, Class 10,000 cleanroom to its set-up.

These rooms allow them to control the production environment, and alongside their bio burden controls, means their bespoke products for healthcare clients are fit for purpose and of the highest standard.

The installation of the new clean room comes as the company looks to respond to the growing need for precision-engineered products within the medtech sector, as more and more clients innovate to create solutions for the healthcare industry.

BDK products are used in thousands of everyday items across the globe, with many becoming essential parts of vital healthcare equipment. This work was recently showcased as part of European Medtech week.
Managing Director Nick Falconer said, “Our new clean room is of the highest quality, built and operating to ISO 7 / Class 10,000 standard, meaning our clients are guaranteed the quality they need when we create components for their products.

“We have a large number of national and international clients, with many being part of the healthcare sector, and we are seeing more and more demand for bespoke products that can help our clients create wearable devices or healthcare items that respond to the needs of industry providers.

“As a business, we look to continually innovate and to respond to trends in rapidly evolving industries so by growing our production capability we are able to quickly respond to these new developments, acting as the go-to provider for essential adhesive components.”

Our Capabilities are Growing