from the Blog Octopus-inspired underwater adhesives…

The importance of innovation – Nick Falconer, Director

There has been recent industry news on developments by South Korean researchers who have created a new underwater adhesive based on the suction power of octopuses.

This may sound completely obscure to many, but is purely reflective of the requirement of the science and engineering world to continually look for new ways to respond to an industry need.

This is exactly how we work at BDK.  In broad terms, we make components for other company’s products; your phone, your healthcare, your car etc. Because of this, we have to be ‘solution providers’; flexible in our thinking and opportunistic, in that everything we do is potentially new and never carried out before.

We never know what new and exciting product could walk through our door so we have to be ready, willing and able to come up with the manufacturing process that works for our client and ultimately provides you with that every day item you depend on.

There are no octopuses under observation in the BDK factory yet, but never say never….!

Octopus-inspired underwater adhesives...