Structural Adhesives

Structural Adhesives

Strong, High Bonding Adhesives

Structural adhesives have the ability to support structural components under a combination of stresses over an extended period of time. These stresses may include shear weight, fluctuating loads, and a number of environmental factors that could cause corrosion or deformation.

As the range of structural adhesives grows, so does the number of people choosing to use them instead of traditional mechanical fasteners like screws, nuts and bolts. At BDK, we offer a wide variety of structural adhesives, so you can find the ideal substitute for your structural needs.

Increase Productivity with Structural Adhesives

Structural adhesive tapes are becoming the popular choice for bonding solutions throughout many industries. Not only do they eliminate the creation of holes within structures, they can also aid efficiency in production. Tapes are easy to use and handle and therefore provide faster assembly and complete consistency.

If you are looking for bespoke bonding solutions for your structural application, BDK can use their years of experience and expertise to help and advise you. We have an extensive range of structural adhesives, so we’ll be sure you find the right one.

VHB™ & Other Structural Adhesive Tapes

Structural adhesive tapes deliver a multitude of benefits due to their controlled adhesive bond line. This means that it maintains a uniform adhesive thickness across the entire surface and its reinforcement provides additional impact resistance. Very High Bond (VHB™) tapes fall under the category of structural adhesive tape as they provide a consistent strong adhesion to a wide variety of materials which continues to build strength over time. We are an authorised, preferred converter of 3M tape products, including 3M VHB™ tape, so can offer you a reliable alternative to fasteners like screws, rivets and welds.

The wide variety of materials VHB™ tapes can seal and bond with include aluminium, steel, high surface energy plastics, glass and coated surfaces. This flexibility is also present in the different forms this double sided structural adhesive tape is available in; rolls, sheets, and bespoke die cut tapes with standard single or double liners. Many different industries have employed VHB™ structural adhesive tape due to its high-strength which is resistant to corrosion, solvents and extreme environments. Automotive, electronic and healthcare applications utilise this alternative to mechanical fasteners as it distributes stress evenly, dampens vibrations and reduces noise.

BDK are never short of adhesive tapes, so we ask that you contact us to make an enquiry or find out more information about a particular type. Our experienced team will guide you through our order process and provide expert advice at all times.

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