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Epoxy & Heat Activated Adhesives

Epoxy adhesives are one of the most popular specialist, structural adhesives and are available in either one or two component systems. Two component epoxies are comprised of two compounds or resins that need to be combined and cured at room temperature; one component epoxies are cured in high temperatures. Both types of epoxies offer structural bond strength, but single component epoxies have the ability to resist high temperatures.

On top of being heat activated adhesives across a wide range of temperatures, epoxies also have a number of other beneficial properties. Epoxy adhesives are extremely strong and durable and have the ability to resist creep under a constant load. In addition to providing thermal stability, they are ideally suited for applications with exposure to chemicals and environmental elements. Some of these applications include construction in the automotive and aerospace industry, electronics assembly and systems, optical and medical use, and marine applications.

UV Curable Adhesives & Other Specialist Adhesives

UV curable adhesives are categorised as specialist adhesives as they cure on demand when exposed to UV light. They are single component compounds, with no need to mix or heat cure, and are used to bond glass and transparent plastics to substrates. UV curable adhesives form very high strength bonds, with an excellent finish, that are effective for substrates with different thermal expansions.

Common applications include the manufacture of glassware, medical and optical equipment, furniture and architectural bonding. Vibration resistant and soundproofing adhesives are also specialist adhesives due to their properties. With the ability to create strong bonds between dissimilar materials that can withstand shock and impact, and resist sound passing through, these adhesives can be incredibly useful for a number of industries.

Future-Proof Your Product with Specialist Adhesives

Specialist adhesives are designed for instances where certain factors come into play during application. Usually relating to their method of curing or what qualities they can offer to specific industries, there are a number of adhesives that fall under this category.

Whether you require robust strength even for the most versatile materials or resistance against environmental factors like temperature and sound, specialist adhesives will provide the ideal bonding solution. At BDK, we have a wide range of specialist adhesives available such as low outgassing products, sound and vibration control materials or solvent, UV or heat resistance solutions.

Completely tailored to your individual application, you can find a specialist adhesive that suits your requirements and makes your product last longer. Protect your application from exposure to heat, shock, or sound by using specialist adhesives which ensures your bonds and seals will withstand and resist these elements. Choose a bonding solution that is perfect for your product which you can rely on for years to come.

As specialists in adhesive components, BDK can help advise you on which specialist adhesive you need for your application. We understand every individual request is different so, with our collaborative approach, we will support you and find the perfect one for you. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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