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Single and double sided tapes are incredibly versatile and used in everyday life. No matter whether it’s for general purpose or for industrial applications, these tapes are functional and relied upon for many reasons. With many different varieties to choose from, material, thickness, strength and size, there is a tape for every project.

At BDK, we are authorised distributors for leading adhesive tapes manufacturers and have comprehensive converting facilities to meet diverse and unique customer requirements. Create lasting bonds between two substrates with our extensive range of double sided materials and replace mechanical fasteners by choosing from our wide range of sided tapes.

Bespoke Adhesive Tape Converting

You will come into contact with single and double sided tapes every day. They provide a vital and convenient bonding solution that can be used throughout many different industries and household applications.

At BDK, not only do we supply single and double sided tapes, but we also have the capabilities to convert them specifically for your needs. Pressure sensitive tapes can be easily cut to specific project requirements and we have the ability to use kiss cutting, die cutting, laser cutting and other capabilities to create bespoke components for you.

Single Side Tapes vs. Double Sided Tapes

The demand for both single and double sided foam tapes is growing as they offer a number of qualities which surpass traditional fixings and sealants. In addition to versatility and ease of use, foam tapes offer moisture resistance, reduced vibration, surface protection and cushioning.

Single sided tapes have an adhesive coated directly onto a functional material. These materials include, paper, film, foam, foil or fabrics. A variety of industries use single coated tape for sealing, protecting and marking. Some examples of different types of single sided tape are electrical, masking, printed and reflective tape.

Double sided tapes usually have an acrylic, rubber or silicone coating on both sides of the central carrier. From mobile phone components to mounting decorative items, construction of appliances to industrial and structural applications, double sided tape has a huge range of uses. Due to its high bonding strength and its ability to evenly distribute stress, double sided tape has become a credible alternative to mechanical fastenings.

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