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High performance tapes refer to bonding solutions that provide longer term adhesion, extreme temperature performance and corrosion resistance. Even when applied on low surface energy substrates, high performance tapes are consistent. From engineered plastics to polycarbonate surfaces, metals to acrylics, they are able to bond to a wide variety of materials.

Designed for some of the most challenging applications, high performance adhesive tapes are commonly used in automotive, construction, electronics and other engineering industries.

Bespoke Tape Solutions and Expert Advice

BDK are specialists in tape converting and we have earned 3M Preferred Converter status, as well as being an authorised distributor of Advance Tapes, Bostik, Scapa and Tesa products. As a result, we can help find you the ideal high performance adhesive tape product that is best fitting to you and your application.

We have the ability to cut and combine materials in order to offer inspired and innovative solutions to our customers. With many years of experience in this industry and working with clients from a variety of other industries, we understand which components are more suitable and can provide expert advice to help find the best one for you. Contact us today for more information about our high performance adhesive tapes.

A Perfect Replacement for Traditional Fasteners

VHB tape, also known as Very High Bonding tape, is considered a high performance tape due to their long-lasting bond and resistance against many environmental factors. High strength adhesion increases the overall durability of the VHB tape and actually builds strength over time. The adhesive permanently joins two substrates together, creating a practically unyielding bond. These two substrates can essentially be any material, such as painted and powder-coated surfaces, plastics, glass or aluminium. Even if they are rough or uneven surfaces, VHB tape will be able to conform.

It is safe to say that the VHB tape is the perfect replacement for mechanical fasteners. As well as the ultimate strength it provides, it also improves and enhances design and aesthetics. VHB tape requires no finishing and provides invisible bonding so there are no distracting or tarnishing fixings like screws or bolts. Additionally, unlike screws, bolts or welds, VHB tape has the ability to seal against moisture and is resistant to extreme temperatures, UV light, and shock or impact – it will distribute the shock evenly over the entire surface.

High performance double sided and transfer tapes are also available which exhibit similar benefits of VHB tape. Double-sided tapes and adhesive transfer tapes provide long term bonds and weather resistance, however VHB tapes are more suite to extreme construction and engineering purposes.

At BDK, we offer a full range of high performing VHB tapes and more, so be assured that you will find the best product that suits your individual application with us. Visit our contact form or give us a call for more information.

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