Adhesive Transfer Tapes

Adhesive Transfer Tape - 3M Transfer Tape - Available from BDK

Reliable Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Transfer Tapes

As a leading convertor of adhesive coated and flexible materials, BDK offer high performance adhesive transfer tapes, with an extended liner or fibre reinforced structure.

Adhesive transfer tapes create bonds when the adhesive film comes into contact with the substrate and pressure is applied. With a release liner allowing easy application, transfer tapes provide a reliable bond. Transfer tape is quick and easy to use which reduces assembly times and makes it a convenient option for many industries.

Custom Adhesive Die Cut

At BDK, we offer bespoke bonding solutions, tailor-made to fit your specific requirements. We have many years of experience plus the manufacturing capabilities to meet the specifications of any application or industry. In line with the demand for higher production volumes, we continuously invest in up to date and state of the art machines, like our rotary die cutting machines.

If you need custom die cut adhesive transfer tape, our experienced team has the ability to convert the tape into any specific width, length or shape. We ensure that every component is always of the highest quality standard, no matter how complex your project.

Manufactured Transfer Tapes

Providing an alternative to fastening materials, adhesive transfer tapes are suitable for a range of applications. Transfer tapes have been used for decades due to their ability to increase manufacturing efficiency.

Reinforced adhesive transfer tapes are coated on both sides and have a release liner. As the adhesive coating is on both sides of the tape, these adhesive tapes provide an invisible yet reliable bond when applied to surfaces.

For applications where a thin and invisible bond is required, transfer tapes are an ideal alternative to mechanical fasteners due to their improved aesthetics. With its excellent holding strength even at higher temperatures, transfer tape is commonly used for mounting and printing and POS displays.

The BDK team promise to find the right solution to your adhesive transfer tape requirements. Our team of experienced engineers and project managers provide assistance through every step in our process, from consultation through to delivery. Contact us today to discuss your adhesive tape requirements.

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