from the Blog BDK Has Been Appointed as Porex Distributor

BDK has been appointed a distributor of Porex materials in the field of reflectivity material for UVC germicidal disinfection applications.

We are an established solutions provider, delivering specialised adhesive components for a wide range of sectors. Partnering with the world leaders in reflectivity solutions means we can continue to deliver unique solutions to our clients.

BDK’s Partnership with Porex

Our new partnership with Porex sees BDK supplying customised Porex Virtek® PTFE solutions for UVC disinfection chamber manufacturers across Europe. It is vital for UV energy to be uniformly dispersed within reaction chambers in order for the UVC energy to effectively deactivate pathogens. With customised Porex Virtek reflective media, BDK ensure properly disinfected air for our clients.

“By combining BDK’s precision conversion and adhesion experience with Porex’s revolutionary sintered PTFE, we are very excited to deliver phenomenal innovation to this growing, critical market space to help tackle the global issue of airborne pathogen management”.

– Nick Falconer, Managing Director

Virtek offers over 97% average reflectance, from 250nm to 400nm, optimising the germicidal effectiveness of UVC systems; BDK can now help customers to create tailored systems for almost any design or environment to help minimise system costs and maximise longevity. Our capability to cut and combine PTFE Virtek material into shapes means we can deliver innovative components and assembly solutions.

The Future of BDK with Porex

We are thrilled to announce this partnership with Porex and we are excited to see how we can grow this further in the future. With the demand for airborne pathogen management increasing over the years, BDK and Porex are on hand to provide the solutions for UVC disinfection chambers.

Our end-to-end project delivery is one of the many reasons behind our renowned reputation, alongside our prestigious partnerships. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you.