from the Blog Thermal Heat Dissipation in Electronic Components

Thermal management systems are required in electronic devices as they generate heat. This heat affects the reliability and lifespan of components, resulting in premature device failure.

As electronic devices decrease in size, the increasingly densely packaged circuits and components require the heat generated to be dissipated.

Thermal Management Solutions

Thermal management materials need to provide thermal heat dissipation, so the heat is dispersed away from the electronic components. Heat sinks are commonly attached to electronic devices in order to increase surface area and achieve efficient heat dissipation.

However, there will be a gap between the heat sink and the component. Air is a poor heat conductor, limiting the heat loss efficiency of the heat sink. Therefore, heat transfer compounds referred to as thermal gap pads have been designed to fill this interface.

Thermal Gap Pads and Heat Dissipation

Thermal gap pads are made of soft polymer which reduces thermal resistance, leading to faster heat loss and a lower device operating temperature. Also known as thermally conductive pads or thermal interface pads, they are widely used in instances where consistent application and ease of use are important.

Innovative Thermally Conductive Adhesives from BDK

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