from the Blog BDK Reflects on Our 60th Anniversary in 2019

60th Year in Review

February 2020 marks the end of our 60th year in business, a remarkable milestone for any company.

From our early days supplying specialist adhesives and adhesive tapes and from the mid-1970s manufacturing increasingly sophisticated engineered adhesive components, with tolerances measured in microns and other materials cut to shape and presented in a format designed to meet our customers’ requirements, we have always strived to provide solutions for our customers.

Our 60th year also coincided with our highest ever sales revenue in a year as we continued penetration into our target markets: Medical Healthcare, Diagnostics, Motive, Electronics, Clean Energy, and other Special Conversions.

Our service offering, enhanced by a flexible shift pattern encompassing 24 hours 5 days per week, allowed us to respond quicker to customers’ diverse requirements.

Our quality control systems ISO9001 (the old BSI 5750), embedded over the last 33 years, and ISO13485, required for the manufacture of medical devices, demonstrate robust quality controls and a long-term commitment to excel.

The team at BDK combines over 1000 years of service; knowledge and experience at your disposal today and for your next project!

BDK Cleanroom Audit Summary

Our quality standards are also reflected in our Class 7 Cleanrooms which achieve excellent bio-burden results and are meticulously maintained. Our Cleanrooms are re-validated every 6 months, sampling the air in the cleanroom to ensure they meet the ISO Class 7 (Class 10,000) requirements, in addition to daily and monthly checks performed by us.

Daily pressure checks are carried out to ensure the HEPA filters are working and monthly Environmental Monitoring checks the bio-burden within the cleanrooms. Results from all our testing are consistently excellent.

Together with robust gowning procedures, we ensure that our cleanrooms are always maintained to the highest standards. Bio-burden testing on finished parts and components is also available.

Thank You From BDK

We’d like to say thank you to every team member for our success and to every partnership we have created over the years. We are proud to be your authorised distributor of adhesive tapes and supplier of Medical and Precision Engineered Adhesive Components.

Let’s see what 2020 brings for us!