from the Blog Digital Technologies BDK Have Adopted

The Annual Manufacturing Report 2019 poses the question: Are manufacturers unlocking the full benefits of digital transformation?

At BDK, we wanted to look at the digital technologies we’ve adopted over the years and how both us and our clients are benefitting from them. 

Adopting Digital Technologies to Prosper

Digital technologies significantly aid the efficiency of manufacturers during day-to-day operations. This has a domino effect as more efficient operations often lead to an upturn in growth and profitability for a business.

In the report it states, “74% of companies need to adopt digital technologies to prosper,” which we stand by because as the demand for adhesives grow, our manufacturing capabilities flourish alongside.

We are consistently expanding these capabilities, enlisting digital technologies to ensure we maintain and enhance our reputation for quality service and precise engineered adhesive components.

At BDK, we always strive to be the number one choice for the bespoke manufacturing and supply of adhesive solutions to a number of industries. As the need for adhesives grows, we expand our capabilities in order to not only meet client expectations but exceed them by offering additional services.

Our robust quality management system is another factor contributing to our reputation for adhesive and flexible materials supplied to the agreed specification, and the adoption of digital technologies has helped us to maintain this.

BDK’s Digital Technologies & Capabilities

As demand grows for engineered adhesive components, our capabilities are continually added to, allowing us to always meet the needs of our clients.

Within the 60 years since BDK was established, we’ve utilised a diverse range of manufacturing technologies. Some examples include laser cutting, die cutting and zone and multi-layer lamination.

RF welding has recently been introduced as a new capability for BDK. RF welding has helped to enhance the BDK manufacturing process and in its basic form, RF welding allows us to offer another great manufacturing technique to our clients.

We always welcome new digital technologies and foresee the Internet of Things (IoT) and Factory 4.0 to be opportunities for 2020 and beyond. Why not contact us today to discuss how our manufacturing capabilities will help your next project? Simply leave us a message via our contact page or call us on 01473 659 059.