from the Blog How Adhesives Benefit the Motorsport Industry

For the past few months, the Formula One has graced our TV screens and is now entering its final stages of the competition. Racing cars are commonly known for being designed with aerodynamics in mind, using motorsport adhesives and materials that will decrease the weight but can still be relied on for a sturdy and durable structure.

The motorsport industry uses adhesives, such as methacrylate and polyurethane, as a replacement for conventional nuts and bolts to help towards this. Advanced adhesives are used for components throughout F1 vehicles during construction, as well as for repairs throughout the race.

Benefits of Adhesives in the Motorsport Industry


Along with using lightweight materials such as carbon fibre and aluminium for car parts, adhesive bonding is lightweight too. By using adhesive alternatives instead of traditional mechanical fixings, they can provide the same strength but without the added weight. This weight reduction is crucial in the motorsport industry in order to improve speed and fuel efficiency.

Bonding Dissimilar Materials

Adhesives have the ability to bond dissimilar materials without causing damage or compromising the load-bearing stiffness. Whether it’s irregularly shaped surfaces or varying textures, adhesives evenly distribute the stress concentration, so durability and strength are guaranteed. Also, a smooth finish is always achieved, aiding towards optimum aerodynamics.

Fast & Efficient

By eliminating the use of traditional construction operations, such as punching and drilling holes, and using adhesives instead, the joints will be stiff and corrosion resistant. As well as this, production time will be reduced and any repairs that need performing during a race can be performed quicker.


Alongside other adhesives, polyurethane adhesives and sealants that are used in the motorsport industry have many protective properties. Leak prevention, noise and vibration reductions, and corrosion resistance can all ensure that vehicles are safe on the race track, no matter what weather conditions.

Always staying ahead of the curve, the evolution of motorsport vehicle design is advancing as the number of adhesive alternatives used is increasing. At BDK, we supply many components for the automotive industry, so contact us today for more information.