from the Blog RF Welding Update

As mentioned previously, we have introduced Radio Frequency (RF) welding as a new capability here at BDK this year.

RF welding can also be known as high frequency welding, dielectric welding or dielectric sealing, and all of these demonstrate the same process and results.

RF Welding Process

There are three stages to the RF welding process:

  • The preparation and positioning of the components
  • The adding of the electromagnetic energy and pressure to combine the materials
  • The cooling of the materials

Simply put, RF welding works by applying high-frequency radio waves and energy to realign the molecules in the materials that are being joined together, in order to form a new, strong bond. This process is chosen because the bond that is created is permanent and extremely resistant to breaking; it is also incredibly fast, easily repeatable and has a clean finish to the bond.

It is normally used with plastics and PVCs, but can be used on other materials that are flexible and uncoated. This process has been applied in medical, military and industrial applications, some products include: life jackets, book covers, blood bags and packaging for certain items.

At BDK, we have recently invested in a brand-new RF welding machine that is due to start Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) immediately. Once this testing has been performed and a process has been validated, we will be able to start using the machine for our production.

We always take safety and precautions very seriously here, and make sure that a detailed assessment of the equipment is undertaken before it is used. We also are committed to delivering the best quality products for our clients which also relies on competent Factory Acceptance Testing.

We are very excited about our new addition; contact us today if you would like more information or advice about RF welding.